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All about SARMs, Peptides, and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Had enough of endlessly going through forums and reading sketchy contradictory information regarding the safe use of SARMs, peptides, other research chemicals and various PEDs? provides the most in-depth evidence-based guides, backed by the latest academic literature and the careful analysis of thousands upon thousands of online anecdotal reports and experiences. Enjoy your stay.


Read about Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators, their effective and safe use, all based clinical human (and rat) data, in the aspect of performance enhancement, possible, side effects, as well as how to mitigate and prevent them.

SARMs For Women

SARMs, are in my opinion, and many others in the competitive bodybuilding space, the ideal PED for women who want to get their hands dirty with PEDs for one reason: they offer incredible benefits with ZERO risk of masculinization (with exceptions).


Read about the most effective methods to mitigate and even completely prevent some of the most common side effects of SARMs and AAS, as well as how to use a testosterone base, and put yourself in the best position possible for PCT during a cycle.


Read about the proper and optimal way to recover after a suppressive cycle with the use of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) as well as other chemicals, and methods.


Read about different peptides, and their unique effects, whether that be in enhancing performance, improving fertility and libido (for both genders), improving longevity, sleep, and so on.

Other RCs

Read about research chemicals that don’t fall into the categories of SARMs, Peptides, SERMs, or AAS, and their performance enhancing benefits, but also their risks.

Weekly Research Notes!

Go above and beyond the context of PED research and bodybuilding and join 7,000 others in maximizing human performance across the chart.

The overlap between the desire to improve oneself in the gym and in all aspects, cannot be denied. Which is why, as readers of you’ll love this.

What you get:

  • Research notes on new and noteworthy relevant studies
  • Weekly articles on improving a certain aspect of your physiology, research notes and references included
  • Real-life, user-based case studies
  • Topics: PEDs, Nootropics, Longevity Guides, Lifestyle Optimization Protocols, Biohacking, and much more