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GW 0742 – Side Effects, Benefits & Proper Usage Explained

GW 0742

What is GW0742? GW0742 just like its older brother Cardarine, is a PPARδ receptor agonist and was created by the same scientists that created Cardarine. Many users turn to GW0742 in hopes of getting all of the benefits of Cardarine without the cancer risk. Unfortunately, empirical information on GW0742 is scarce, as GW0742 is hard […]

How to Properly Take Liquid SARMs & Measure MG/ML

how to take liquid SARMs

Liquid SARMs are the most popular form of SARMs next to pills. The main benefit of liquid SARMs is the freedom you have when dosing mg/ml concentrations. Whereas with a pill that is simply not possible. Another reason they’re so popular is because it’s much easier to justify selling a liquid that’s not for human […]

Best Time to Take Each SARM | Dosage Frequency Explained

When & how to administer sarms

The best time to take SARMs depends on the SARMs’ half-life. The time necessary for a compound’s active substance to reduce by half in your body. Dosages are to be timed precisely with the goal of achieving stable blood serum concentrations based on the compounds’ half-life. If a SARM has a half-life of 24 hours […]

MK677 – Ibutamoren | 101 Guide – Side Effects, Benefits, Usage


MK677 is an extremely popular compound used as a replacement for regular HGH injections. Although it is not as effective as high dosages of HGH, it is far less expensive, rarely counterfeited, and orally accessible. MK677 is a versatile PED that can be added to pretty much any cycle, whether you are cutting, bulking, maintaining […]