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Trusted Sources 2023

Back when SARMs first became popular 6+ years ago, it was easy to get sold bunk or fake SARMs, like DBol instead of LGD-4033. Eventually, though, the scamming companies went out of business and upcoming companies realized that in order to gain the trust of the community, they had to provide quality products and have them regularly 3rd-party-tested.

In reality, nowadays, it’s unlikely to get fake SARMs. With all the scrutiny the SARM community carries out, it’s impossible for a lousy company to survive for over a few months.

That’s why I only recommend companies that have been around for years and have earned a good reputation in the community. For a vendor to be included on, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Readily available 3rd party lab testing results
  2. Excellent customer service and support
  3. Positive track record within the SARMs community (On Reddit & Forums)

Disclosure: I get a (tiny) commission if you decide to make a purchase here, at no additional cost to you, in fact, you’ll get a sizable discount most of the time. I want to clarify that I truly believe in these companies and the products they sell. They are the industry leaders, and if you are going to take SARMs, they are your safest bet.

What To Buy Where?

Each of these companies has its own seller politics and offers different products, payment methods, shipping policies, etc.

So, you’ll inevitably spend an hour or two checking each one out, which you’re free to do. But, to make it easier for you, I have for each of these companies included a blue tab stating “Best For:”. 

Since all of these companies have different product catalogs, you’ll generally be shopping from multiple. This section simply tells you what the company’s trademark products are. 

I’ve also included a flag next to each to label where the company is based, though they all ship internationally.


Chemyo is one of the longest-standing US-based companies in this industry. They’re one of the early pioneers and most of the community considers them the #1 source for SARMs in the US.

Their reputation and quality are unmatched, and their prices are excellent. Unfortunately, they only offer SARMs, MK-677, Cardarine, Nootropics, and RU-58841.

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Best For:

  • All SARMs
  • MK 677
  • GW 501516
  • SR 9009
  •  RU 58841
  • Powdered SARMs (Highly Discounted)


the camochem logo

Camo Chem is a UK-based company. Their catalogue is not massive but they offer the essentials and some very rare chemicals like LGD 3303, Enclomiphene, CJC and FRAG 176-191. All of their products are independently HPLC tested by a third party and very high quality. 

They are very well known and widely recognized, and are most European users vendor of choice.

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Best For:

  • Enclomiphene
  • LGD 3303
  • CJC1295
  • FRAG 176-191
  • BPC 157
  • TB 500


Swiss Chems is a United States-based company. They have a massive catalog of products, including everything from SARMs to PCT, Peptides, and other research chemicals, even male enhancement drugs. Their products are independently HPLC tested by a third party and are of very high quality.

They only sell capsules, which very few American companies offer. The only drawback is that they can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for and unless you’re financially strapped they should be your one-stop shop!

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Best For:

  • All SARMs
  • Rare SARMs
  • BPC 157 & TB 500
  • SR 9011
  • Sildenafil & Tadafil
  • Clomid, Ralox, Tamox
  • + Other Hard To Find Chemicals


animo asulym logo

Amino Asylum is a US-based vendor for SARMs, Aminos, Peptides, and other chemicals. Their peptide sprays, injectable SARMs, and wide selection of SERMs among other things are products you won’t find anywhere else.

Their products are very high quality and fairly priced. Animo Asylum is an excellent vendor, with an amazing reputation in the SARMs circle. 

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Best For:

  • Enclomiphene
  • Peptide Sprays
  • DHEA
  • Injectable YK11
  • Injectable LGD
  • Injectable L-Carnitine


pure rawz logo

PURE RAWZ is a US-based vendor for SARMs (including RARE SARMs like LGD 3303), Peptides, Nootropics, and even CBD and THC products.

What makes them unique is their wide range of products, which include rare SARMs, which can be bought as liquids, pills, and even powders.

They have a very good reputation in the community and their products are very high quality, and also very decently priced considering some of the stuff they have.

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Best For:

  • Rare SARMs
  • 4-Andro
  • PT-141
  • CJC-1295
  • Enclomiphene
  • DHEA
  • Rare Chemicals