SARMs for Sale: Which Companies to Trust & to Avoid

Back when SARMs first became popular 6+ years ago, it was easy to get sold bunk or fake SARMs, like DBol instead of LGD-4033.

Eventually, the scamming companies went out of business, and upcoming companies realized that in order to gain the trust of the community, they had to provide quality products and have them regularly 3rd-party-tested. Nowadays, it’s unlikely to get fake SARMs. With all the scrutiny the SARM community carries out, it’s impossible for a lousy company to survive for over a few months.

On this page you’ll find the  companies that have been around for years and earned a good reputation in the community as well as the ones that have been exposed for being scammers or simply low quality.

Disclosure: I get a tiny commission if you decide to make a purchase here, at no additional cost to you; in fact, you’ll get an exclusive sizable discount most of the time.

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    ✅ Trusted Companies ✅

    For a vendor to be included here, they must meet the following criteria:

    1. Readily available 3rd party lab testing results
    2. Excellent customer service and support
    3. Positive track record within the SARMs community (On Reddit & Forums)

    I want to clarify that I truly believe in these companies and the products they sell. They are the industry leaders, and if you are going to take SARMs, peptides or other RCs’, they are your safest bet.


    Chemyo is one of the longest-standing US-based companies in this industry and one of the early pioneers. Most of the community considers them the #1 source for SARMs in the US.

    Their reputation and quality are unmatched, and their prices are excellent.

    Chemyo are known for fast shipping times, excellent customer support, and you’ll have a hard time finding a legitimate bad review about them.

    Unfortunately, they only offer SARMs, MK-677, Cardarine, Nootropics, and RU-58841.

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    Camo Chem is a UK-based company that has warehouses both in the UK and US. They are very well known and one of the first companies in the business.

    They’re generally regarded as the go-t0 UK & EU source, but with their new US warehouse they offer fast shipping to Americans as well.

    Their catalogue is not massive but they offer the essentials and some very rare chemicals like LGD 3303, Enclomiphene, CJC and FRAG 176-191. All of their products are independently HPLC tested by a third party and very high quality. Besides that, they’re also very fairly priced.

    They are very well known and widely recognized, and are most European users vendor of choice.

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    Swiss Chems is a United States-based company, and also one of the OGs’ in the industry. They’re very well known and have a good reputation.

    They have the largest catalog of products, including everything from SARMs to PCT, Peptides, and other research chemicals, even male enhancement drugs. Their products are independently HPLC tested by a third party and very high quality.

    SwissChems only sells capsules, which very few American companies offer because it’s hard to justify that they’re not for human consumption. The only drawback is that they can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for and unless you’re financially strapped they should be your one-stop shop for everything.

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    MR.SARM is one of the very few legitimate Australian domestic sources. Their competitors simply don’t have the same variety or reputation. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, this has to be your go-to source.

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    Amino Asylum is a US-based vendor for SARMs, Aminos, Peptides, and other chemicals. Their peptide sprays, injectable SARMs, and wide selection of SERMs among other things are products you won’t find anywhere else.

    Their products are very high quality and fairly priced. Animo Asylum is an excellent vendor, with an amazing reputation in the SARMs circle. 

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    DXBSupps is an Australian source that carries Peptides and SARMs, so they have a decent offering that is hard to find in other Australian companies.

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    ❌ Companies to Avoid ❌

    The following companies are either known scammers that are still around at the time of writing, or companies that simply lack some of the core criteria you should look at when purchasing SARMs, peptides, and other research chemicals.

    PureRawz (USA)

    PureRawz is one of the oldest standing companies, and once a very popular vendor for SARMs and other RCs’. In fact, once upon a time PureRawz was a company I actually recommended as they were fairly priced and had the largest product catalogue in the industry.

    Unfortunately what was once a reputable and legit company with high quality goods changed their ways and have been under fire for the second half of 2023 to date, and are likely to close down in 2024. Because of this they started a sister company called BehemothLabz, which is the next company you should avoid.

    Why you shouldn’t buy from PureRawz:

    • Horrible customer support, late vague responses
    • Outdated HPLC tests, wheras other companies test each batch
    • Extremely long shipping times of up to multiple months on end
    • Products occasionally never arrive
    • Hard to get a refund unless you do it from your bank early on – support will convince you not do so and promise that your products will arrive

    PureRawz are also known for faking Reddit reviews, using random bought Reddit accounts to leave fake reviews vouching for the company and scamming unsuspecting newcommers in the space.

    BehemothLabz (USA)

    BehemothLabz is the sister company of PureRawz, meaning that the same team is behind them. BehemothLabz is a new company that opened very recently, as a hopes to re-enter the SARMs business in a new light after destroying their reputation with PureRawz.

    Not much has to be said about BehemothLabz, even with their rebranding they are still scamming people and have not learned their lesson. Do not trust these companies.