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Can MK677 Make You Taller & How to Properly Use It for Height

grow taller with mk677

What is MK677?

MK677 is a GH and IGF 1 secretagogue, which means that it promotes the production of growth hormone and IGF-1. Not only some of the most anabolic hormones in the body but also the hormones that are responsible for making you grow during your childhood and puberty.

That begs the question, is MK677 actually strong enough to make you grow taller?

MK677 can cause height growth if properly taken for long periods of time. But that does not apply to everyone, as one can only grow taller while their growth plates are still open.

In this article, you will learn if MK677 can benefit you in terms of height, and how to properly use it for such. It is based on the latest academic data, as well as the careful analysis of hundreds of anecdotal reports and experiences from users that experimented with it in order to grow taller. Enjoy.

Mechanism of Action

MK677 (also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal) is often used as a replacement for GH shots by bodybuilders and athletes. And while not as effective, it is way cheaper, and orally bioavailable.

MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue, which means that it stimulates the production of growth hormone and IGF-1 in the body.

It is a Ghrelin receptor agonist, meaning it works by binding to and activating the ghrelin receptor. Activation of the ghrelin receptor leads to the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and results in increased levels of circulating GH and IGF-1.

It’s widely used among bodybuilders and gym-goers alongside other compounds to aid in muscle growth and recovery. But there are many users who take it standalone for its other benefits.

By increasing IGF-1 and GH, MK677 has the following benefits:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increase strength
  • Increase fat loss
  • Strengthen and heal bones and connective tissue
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase hunger
  • Store nutrients more effectively

Can MK677 Make You Taller?

The short answer is yes unless your growth plates have fused. 

  • If you’re between 20 and 25 years old there’s still a slim chance that your growth plates have not fused.
  • If you’re between 18 and 20, there’s a bigger chance that they haven’t fused.
  • If you’re under 18, then your growth plates are most likely still open and you can use MK677 to grow taller.

We can conclude MK677’s effectiveness in inducing height growth by two sources, academic data, and anecdotal data – and luckily we have plenty.

For a long and more detailed answer, keep reading.

Scientific Data

On paper, MK677 can aid height growth and make you taller because it increases GH and IGF-1 levels considerably.

One paper from the Journal of clinical endocrinology proved this by administering 10 – 50 mg of MK677 daily to 9 GH-deficient men aged 17-34. [1]

While they did not monitor the height of the subjects throughout the timeframe of the study, the MK677 impact on their hormonal graph was very promising. The 10 mg group showed the best results when it came to GH and IGF-1 increase in accordance with the dose.

So what can we conclude?

Growth hormone has been effectively used for decades to treat hormone deficiencies, growth failure, and short stature in kids and teenagers. [2]

MK677  has never been tested for the specific purpose of inducing height growth.

But we do know that it significantly increases the hormones responsible for height growth. Suggesting that long-term use would be effective for that purpose. [3] [4] [5]

Empirical Data

Concluding from the available anecdotal reports and experiences across various online forums and groups, only a handful of users experienced a noticeable increase in height.

Three cases, in particular, reported significant growth, ranging from:

  • 1 inch / 3 months
  • ⅛ inch / 3 weeks
  • 2 inches / 2 years

As for the rest of the reports, most are simply too good to be true, or the results are minuscule and not worth mentioning. The three above had the most comprehensive backstory and generally made the most sense.

It’s not entirely set in stone, but the empirical evidence points to MK677 having a significant effect on height in some people and a small effect on others. Anecdotal data can be very hard to go by because of the nature of its uncontrolled environment. 

Note that all of the above examples ran MK677 for very long time frames, on top of the fact that the users were all very young, with their growth plates not fully closed.

If you want to read the full reports, I’ve listed them in this google doc.

Can You Benefit?

The people that will benefit most from MK677 are those that have not had their growth plates close and are actively engaging in a sport or going to the gym.

If your growth plates are closed, then taking MK 677 for height is pointless. If they’re not, you still aren’t guaranteed to grow a significant amount though you will definitely see results.

For reference, growth plates close at:

  • 16-18 on averagefor men
  • 13-15 on average for women

Fortunately, this is just an average, and growth plates closing at a later age like 20 or even later is not that uncommon.

If you’re over this age, and really serious, you can find out if your growth plates are closed if you get an X-ray done.

Alternatively, you could experiment and try MK677 without knowing if your growth plates are closed. For this to be worth it you’d have to lift seriously throughout the cycle, as that way you’d at least be guaranteed to put on some muscle and improve your physique via elevated GH and IGF-1.

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Long Term Use Side Effects

If you are in an advantageous position to take MK677 for gaining height, you will have to run it for months on end to have a noticeable effect. Growing in height is a very slow process.

But taking MK677 for months on end may lead to serious issues if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you source fake MK677.

While MK677 is often regarded as harmless in bodybuilding rings, when taken for long periods of time, over 16 weeks, it may cause insulin resistance, which can result in type 2 diabetes if ignored. 

Increased prolactin is another side effect, and is associated with gyno and erectile dysfunction. But don’t worry as the prolactin increase caused by MK677 is not high enough to cause such symptoms.

Luckily, both of these side effects can be very easily and completely avoided by following some basic dosing and supplementation protocols.

Dosing Information

General MK677 dosing information:

NOTE: Even though the half-life in humans is unknown, its effects have been shown to last for 24 after administration.

Long Term Dosing Protocols For Height

Taking MK677 for the purpose of growing taller will require you to take it for months on end.

Because MK677 is proven to raise your blood sugar levels and cause insulin resistance, it can lead to type 2 diabetes if taken incorrectly for long timeframes.

Luckily this can be easily prevented by supplementing with glucose disposal agents OR following special dosing protocols for long-term use.

Dosing for long-term use:

  • Take no more than 10 mg/day
  • Take 2 out of every 7 days off, so take it Monday till Friday, stop taking it during the weekend, and continue on Monday…

Alternative dosing protocol for long term use and height:

  • Mini cycles consisting of 4 weeks on, 1 week off

An option for those that do not want to take breaks is to supplement with:

  • Berberine (or another advanced glucose disposal agent) at a dosage of 300-500mg before meals that are high in carbs (more than 50g)

Or alternatively:

  • Ashwagandha (250-500mg 2-3 times daily)
  • Chromium picolinate (200 micrograms 3 times daily)
  • Cinnamon bark (600mg twice daily)

It is important to take these supplements before carb-heavy meals for optimal results.

How to Prevent Prolactin Increase

As far as mitigating the prolactin increase, take Vitamin B6 in the form of P5P before bed every day you take MK677.

Generally one would take 100 mg of P5P during a cycle of MK677, but considering the low dose and long timeframe of use, you could take 40 – 80 mg of P5p instead of 100.

B6 (P5P form) will not cause any unwanted side effects, and in fact, will greatly improve the quality of your sleep. So even if you’re not concerned about prolactin you should still take B6 P5p.

You should be very methodical with your approach when taking MK677 for the sake of height growth. 

Not only in terms of dosing it optimally and consistently but also in terms of your nutrition, sleep quality and quantity, activity levels, supplementation and progress assessment.

You can’t hope to build a house with just one tool.


That was a lot of info, but now you know to use MK677 to grow taller. This is a sensitive topic I put a lot of effort and hours of research into covering thoroughly.

I hope you are ready to make a commitment to rigorously follow the proper dosing and supplementation protocols I shared so that you can safely and effectively use MK677 to reach your goal. 


MK677 for height gain is absolutely worth it, but only if your growth plates are not fully closed, you work out seriously, follow a proper dosing and supplementation protocol suited for extended use, and have your expectations in check.


Fake chemicals can lead to serious side effects, so always make sure the MK677 you’re getting is legit. On the trusted sources page you will find the most tried & tested, well-known vendors where you can buy the highest quality MK677 available.

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