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How to Properly Take Liquid SARMs & Measure MG/ML

how to take liquid SARMs

Liquid SARMs are the most popular form of SARMs next to pills. The main benefit of liquid SARMs is the freedom you have when dosing mg/ml concentrations. Whereas with a pill that is simply not possible.

Another reason they’re so popular is because it’s much easier to justify selling a liquid that’s not for human consumptionrather than a pill (speaking from a vendors’ point of view). 

Liquid SARMs are very simple to take, and all you have to do is:

  1. Shake the bottle before use
  2. Measure the dose with a dropper
  3. Use the dropper to put the liquid in your mouth
  4. Place the liquid at back of throat to avoid the nasty taste
  5. Swallow
  6. Chase down with water or a tasty drink

The administration process itself is simple, though there are other variables you need to consider to make it as effective as possible.

For example taking SARMs at the right time of day and properly measuring MG/ML concentrations. Some research chemicals like SR-9009, and SR-9011 are more specific and need to be taken sublingually and not swallowed.

Keep on reading to learn more.

How to Measure MG/ML Concentrations

If a liquid SARM bottle has a total capacity of 30ml and the mg/ml concentration is 20mg/ml, this means that each ml contains 20mg of the SARM, and the bottle contains a total of 600mg.

20mg x 30ml = 600mg

If you want to take 10mg/day of this particular SARM, you need to take 0.5 ml of liquid, which usually equates to half a dropper.

If you want to take 20mg/day, you will have to take 1 ml of liquid a day, so a full dropper.

How to Take Liquid SR-9009 & SR-9011

SR-9009 and SR-9011 are cancer-risk-free alternatives to Cardarine, but despite that, they are not nearly as popular.

This is because they’re not orally bioavailable and have a super short half-life.

There are two ways of taking them, and that is via injections, or sublingually.

This is how to take SR-9009 or SR-9011 sublingually:

  1. Put the liquid (or powder) under your tongue
  2. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes
  3. Then spit out the remainder, and drink some water to flush your mouth

Pro's of Liquids

Most SARM companies sell liquid SARMs because it is hard to justify that capsules or tablets are NOT for human consumption.

So the real reason why liquids are more prominent than other forms of SARMs is to mitigate the legal risk that comes with the business.

Anyways, liquids are great because you can adjust the dose as much as you like. Whereas with tabs or caps you can only take a single, double, or triple, of the dose.


Liquid SARMs are super easy to take, just as easy as any other form. The only difference is the bad taste on the downside, but the freedom to adjust your dose on the upside.

If you can find a liquid SARM supplier that’s reliable and sells flavoured SARMs, then you should consider them a golden nugget.

P.S. Make sure the stuff you’re getting is legit by only shopping from reputable companies that have been around for years, have proven track records, and readily available 3rd party lab tests. My recommended sources:

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