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MK677 Prolactin Induced Gyno Risk & Preventive Measures

gynecomastia from MK677

Can MK677 Cause Gynecomastia?

As a ghrelin receptor agonist, MK677 works by attaching itself to the ghrelin receptor in the brain and signaling the secreting GH and IGF-1. It doesn’t have androgenic properties, nor does it increase serum testosterone by lowering SHBG, as SARMs do. Despite this, you can find countless cases of users that developed gyno after their MK677 cycle.

MK677 has the potential to cause gyno by increasing prolactin. Though it is very rare as the prolactin increase it causes is not strong enough to cause gyno by itself. Those naturally prone to gyno are more likely to develop it on MK677.

This article will explore your possibilities of developing gynecomastia from MK677 based on your:

  • genetics
  • bloodwork markers
  • lifestyle 

It is based on the latest scientific data on MK677, as well as the analysis of thousands of anecdotal reports and experiences online.

Prolactin Induced Gyno

One of the side effects of MK 677 is increased prolactin. High prolactin levels can lead to the development of gyno in some men.

The extent of the increase in prolactin that MK677 causes is not by itself enough to cause gynecomastia. But, if you are someone that has had gynecomastia in the past (during puberty), you are at a greater risk of developing it again.

If you want to be 100% on the safe side of things, get your prolactin levels checked by doing bloodwork. If your baseline prolactin levels are over the reference range, I would suggest bringing them down before taking MK 677.

How to Mitigate Prolactin Increase

To prevent this side effect, during your MK677 cycle take 100mg of Vitamin B6 (P5P form) before bed. Do this even if you’re not prone to gyno as this dose of P5P doesn’t have side effects and it will improve your health and sleep. 

Again, it is unlikely if you are not prone to it, but, If you feel any early symptoms of gyno like nipple pain or swelling you can also take:

  • 0.25mg of Cabergoline twice a week or
  • 0.125mg of Pramipexole every day

Prolactin-induced gyno from MK677 is (very) rare and if you follow these instructions it will not happen to you.

Fake MK677

MK677 is cheap to manufacture, but despite that, it’s still not that uncommon to get an underdosed bottle or a completely different chemical that actually can cause gyno among other equally bad or worse side effects.

I’m certain that 99%, if not all of the anecdotal reports of MK677 causing gyno to involve a tainted and fake product. 

This is why you should always buy MK677 and other research chemicals from a reputable vendor, with a good track record in the community, and a large customer base.

High-quality MK677 is not hard to come by and opting to buy from a shady merchant that offers suspiciously cheaper prices can bite you back.

P.S. Make sure the MK677 you’re getting is legit. These are my recommended sources for the highest-quality goods available:

  • US – Discounted Prices: “POP10” (Highest Possible)
  • EU – Discounted Prices: “POP20” (Highest Possible)

Redeveloping Pubertal Gyno

If you’re someone with a family history of gynecomastia or someone who developed gyno during puberty, you have a risk of redeveloping it if you take any kind of drug that alters your hormonal balance. 

To be safe, have Raloxifene at your disposal whenever taking things that might provoke the development of gyno (or just skip the PED train and stay natty forever).

Recommended Raloxifene sources:

  • US – “POP10” for Discounted Price
  • EU – “POP20” for Discounted Price

Existing Gyno & MK677

If you have gyno MK677 can make it worse by increasing prolactin. Before taking any kind of gyno-provoking PED get rid of your existing gynecomastia first.

Incorrectly Stacking SARMs with MK677

Stacking multiple SARMs by itself can lead to gyno, and MK677 can top that off by increasing prolactin.

NOTE: If you’re someone who has had gyno before during puberty, you are at a much higher risk of redeveloping it again if you take SARMs.

A lot of users have the misconception that stacking 2 SARMs of the same kind, will lead them to get better results. 

When you take two SARMs of the same kind (ex, RAD 140 and LGD 4033) they end up fighting over the same androgen receptors. And the SARM with the higher binding affinity always wins – leaving the other one in your bloodstream giving you little additional benefit whilst exacerbating the side effects of both compounds.

Always stack a SARM with a research chemical or PED that works through a different pathway to achieve synergy between the compounds – like: 

  • MK677 with SARM
  • YK11 with another SARM with MK677
  • Cardarine with SARM with YK11

Also keep in mind that SARMs like YK11 and S23 are known to cause androgenic side effects, which could lead to the development of gyno if one is prone to it.


Real, high quality MK677 is very unlikely to cause gyno unless you’re someone who has had it during puberty, or are taking MK677 with other AAS and SARMs. To be safe get your prolactin levels tested, have Raloxifene at hand, and get high quality MK 677.


Fake chemicals can lead to serious side effects, so always make sure the MK677 you’re getting is legit. On the trusted sources page you will find the most tried & tested, well-known vendors where you can buy the highest quality MK677 available.

My recommended sources:

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  • EU – Highest Possible Discount With: “POP20”

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