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LGD 3303 – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosing Protocols & Usage

lgd 3303

What is LGD 3303?

Not to be confused with Ligandrol, also known as LGD 4033, LGD 3303 was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals to treat osteoporosis and muscle-wasting conditions. It’s been compared as a dry, and much stronger counterpart to Ligandrol.

But that is an understatement, as LGD 3303 is one of the most effective and powerful SARMs in existence. 

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult SARMs to get, and supply is unable to keep up with demand. It is occasionally available from reputable merchants, but it always sells out extremely fast.

Because of its scarcity, there is not as much information about LGD 3303 as other more popular SARMs. It has also never been tested in a clinical OR preclinical setting before. Most of what we know is based on empirical data, which only recently started to pile up to form a significant sample size of users.


LGD 3303 has many benefits when it comes to performance enhancement, and unlike the rest of the SARMs, it can stand toe to toe, and according to some users,  outperform certain oral and even injectable AAS (take this with a grain of salt).

What we do know for certain is that it is considerably stronger than the rest of the SARMs and that it is very well tolerated compared to SARMs of comparable strength, or level of suppression (YK11 and S23).

Building Muscle [1][A]

Anecdotal evidence suggests that LGD 3303 is one of the strongest, and possibly even the strongest SARM for gaining lean muscle mass. As previously said, users characterize it as the drier, and much stronger cousin of LGD 4033.

Thus expect a significant increase in lean muscle mass on LGD 3303, much more than LGD 4033.

Since LGD 3303 doesn’t cause any water retention, it could also be effectively used on a cutting cycle, but using it on a bulk would definitely be a better choice. 

Simply put, using LGD 3303 in a caloric would be a huge waste of its muscle-building potential.

Strength [A]

The increased strength and performance you will feel get with LGD 3303 are ridiculous, and it is by far more powerful than any other SARM in this regard.

So much so that you can expect an increase in both strength and stamina more worthy of a steroid than a SARM.

Fat Loss [A]

LGD 3303 does not help with or cause fat loss whatsoever. Many people speculate that it does because it tends to make users look a lot leaner and drier than they actually are.

However, while it does not help with fat loss, it will maintain and even build muscle on a caloric deficit.

Bones & Joints [1][A]

LGD 3303 will increase your bone strength and density. Fortunately, despite being a dry compound, it is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on joints and tendons. So you will not be as prone to damage as you would with other dry SARMs like RAD 140 or S-23.

Recovery [A]

The benefits of LGD 3303 are superb to any other SARM, and the boost in recovery is no different. While on LGD 3303 you will recover much faster than you would if you were natural, you will feel less sore after a workout, you will be able to train harder, and for longer.

Aesthetics [A]

This is where LGD 3303 shines. It will do wonders for your physique. You can expect your muscles to fill out while remaining dry and hard at the same time.

Some even argue that this compound gives you the best of both worlds, you get the shire size and volume of a wet compound, with the dry, firm, hard, and veiny look that a cutting compound would cause.

If you’re using it for bulking, you can expect to feel like you’re walking around with a pump 24/7. Your muscles will have a full and 3D appearance, a look that is even hard to achieve on oral AAS like Anavar.

Side Effects

The extent to which you may experience these side effects varies from person to person depending on their response, genetics, and lifestyle. But assume that you will experience at least the first two of the following side effects. The good news is that you can prevent or even completely mitigate these side effects.

Testosterone Suppression [A]

The extent of endogenous testosterone suppression from LGD 3303 is still unknown and varies from person to person. Although anecdotal evidence suggests that LGD 3303 is one of the most suppressive SARMs, even capable of causing a complete halt in endogenous testosterone production, or in other words a complete shutdown.

This simply means that you will more than likely have to do some form of testosterone base, followed by a complete PCT protocol if you don’t want to be crippled by the symptoms of testosterone suppression during and after a cycle of LGD 3303.

Testosterone suppression or shutdown can and will manifest in some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Lethargy
  • Irritability
  • Lack of motivation
  • Decreased libido
  • Weaker erections or erectile dysfunction
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Testicular pain


LGD-3303, like other SARMs, lowers Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin (SHBG). This drop in SHBT will result in an increase in free testosterone levels, which will boost your libido, motivation, and overall well-being during your cycle provided that you use a testosterone base (which you should).

Otherwise, the effect will only last the first 2-4 weeks, until it is offset by the suppression of total testosterone.

Cholesterol [A]

LGD 3303 will, like all SARMs cause dyslipidemia. Your lipid panel will suffer, and you can expect your HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) to be significantly lowered and your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) to skyrocket by the end of your cycle.

Because this side-effect doesn’t manifest in the way you feel day to day it is imperative that you do bloodwork to measure the extent of the damage caused.

I left a link in the section right below “Side Effects” to an article in which you will find instructions on how to mitigate and even completely prevent this side effect, as well as the following one.

Liver Toxicity [A]

There is no scientific evidence showing that LGD 3303 is hepatoxic, but there are more than enough anecdotal cases where there have been elevated liver enzymes after LGD 3303 cycles to make a conclusion.

The good news is that the liver damage induced by LGD 3303 is rarely as severe as that caused by anabolic steroids of comparable strength and potency.

Other Side Effects [A]

Due to the scarcity of LGD 3303, there is no way of knowing if there are more side effects that we don’t know of, but the following side effects can happen with anything that causes an imbalance in your hormones.

These include:

Gynecomastia (Gyno)

Gynecomastia, or Gyno, is the growth of breast tissue in males. This side-effect occurs when there is an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. It is extremely rare, but men who have had pubertal gynecomastia are at a greater risk of developing it if they take LGD 3303.

Hair Shedding

This is an even rarer side-effect than the preceding one, and thankfully it is completely reversible and only temporary for the duration of your cycle.

But beware if you are someone that’s experiencing hair loss already. LGD 3303 might exacerbate and make it worse.


Insomnia is another rare side effect that only some people experience. It is unpredictable and is very simple to deal with and mitigate.

Dosing & Protocol

An LGD 3303 cycle should last 4 – 8 weeks. Its half-life is unknown as it has never been researched on humans before, so the best way to make sure you achieve stable blood molecule concentration levels is to split the dose up throughout the day.

Ideally, you should take it three times a day. So if your daily dose is 20 mg/day, you would need to take 6.5 mg once in the morning, once at noon, and finally once at night. 

It does not matter whether you take it on an empty stomach or not. Just make sure you’re consistent with dosing times.

P.S. Make sure the LGD 3303 you’re getting is legit. These are my recommended sources for the highest-quality stuff available:

  • US – Use “POP20” for 20% Off (Highest Possible)
  • EU – Use “POP20” for 20% Off (Highest Possible)

On-Cycle & Post-Cycle Therapy

LGD 3303 will require you to do a test base of some sort, and a 4-week post-cycle therapy using a SERM. It is highly suppressive, and if you decide to skip either one of these, you will face the consequences.

I already left links to more comprehensive articles on doing both, which I recommend you read. The information below will just be a protocol I recommend doing, and only one of many options (covered in the other articles).

The most convenient way to go about this is to do what is known as a SARM + SERM stack using Enclomiphene.

Since LGD 3303 is classified as a highly suppressive SARM, Enclomiphene is the only SERM strong enough to be used as a test base. 

To do a SARM + SERM stack with LGD 3303 and Enclomiphene simply follow the instructions below:

  • Start taking Enclomiphene at week 2 or 3 depending on when you start feeling symptoms of suppression, at a dose of 12,5 mg/day
  • Take it for the remainder of the cycle, and continue taking it as a PCT for 2 weeks after the cycle, only lower the dose to 6,25 mg/day in the final week

Again: Take 12.5 mg/day of Enclomiphene from the first week that you start taking it, until the last week of your PCT. Then taper it off and decrease the dose to 6.25 mg/day in the last week ONLY.

  • So if you started taking Enclomiphene at week 2, at 12 mg/day, you would need to take it for 7 more weeks at the same dose, and then 1 week at 6.25 mg/day.

This protocol will keep your testosterone levels in the healthy range during your cycle and will help you recover to your baseline in the two weeks post-cycle. And you don’t have to worry about your testosterone levels going down again.

It is the most convenient way to go about LGD 3303 cycles, but it is not the only way. There are other protocols you can run, but this article would be too long if I were to go into detail about each.

P.S. Make sure the Enclomiphene you’re getting is legit. These are my recommended sources for the highest-quality goods out there:

  • US – Use “POP10” for 20% Off
  • EU – Use “POP20” for 20% Off


I hope this article was as comprehensive and as info-packed as you needed it to be. It not only covers the latest scientific data on LGD 3303 but is also based on heaps of empirical data and hundreds of hours of research.

It is by far as comprehensive as an article can be at this stage of research on LGD 3303, and now that you’ve read it you can be more confident about your decisions and PED research.


2. Bones and Joints

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