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How to Administer & Dose PT 141 Nasally & Subcutaneously

PT141 Administration subcutaneous injections vs nasal spray

PT 141, or Bremelanotide, is a synthetic analogue of a naturally occurring peptide hormone called a-MSH (a metabolite of Melatonan II).

PT 141 is a safe and widely used drug that is approved by the FDA to treat a condition that has never had an easy solution – sexual dysfunction in women. Though it is also widely used to enhance erectile function in men.

PT 141 Nasal Spray VS Injection

When it comes to administering PT 141 there are two options:

  • Intranasal Sprays
  • Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneous injections of PT 141 are more effective compared to nasal sprays as PT 141 is much more bioavailable when injected.

In terms of oral administration, PT 141 is not orally bioavailable, meaning that your body cannot absorb it when taken through the mouth. So you cannot take it orally.

Subcutaneous Injections

Subcutaneously injecting PT 141 is the most effective way of administering it as it’s way more bioavailable than intranasal administration.

PT 141 has systematic effects, meaning that regardless of where you inject it, it will work the same. But the easiest place to inject is in your lower belly fat area.

Measuring Dose

Before you get to injecting you have to know exactly how much liquid to draw out. Fortunately measuring the dose in mg/ml is simple and anyone can understand it with a bit of math.

  • If a vial of PT 141 has 10mg, and you reconstitute it with 2ml of bacteriostatic water you will be left with 5 mg/ml.

10mg : 2ml = 5 mg/ml

  • To inject 125mcg of PT 141, you would need to draw out 2.5 UI or 0.025 ml of liquid.

If your syringe is in units:

  • 100 units = 1 ml
  • 50 units = 0.5 ml
  • 10 units = 0.1 ml

How to Inject

Once you have reconstituted your PT 141 powder in bacteriostatic water, and calculated your dose, you are ready to inject it.

Inject PT 141 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse.

You will need:

  • PT 141 Vial (Reconstituted)
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • New Insulin Needle

The needle should be between 28 – 31G (ideally 31G) and 8 to 12mm long. Keep in mind that any size needle can be used to inject subcutaneously but these 31G, 8-12mm needles will provide a painless injection if executed properly.

Step 1.

Clean the rubber of your vial with an alcohol wipe


Insert the needle into the vial slowly and turn the vial + needle upside down

Step 3.

Slowly withdraw desired amount (0.025ml or 2.5 units) while making sure that are no big air bubbles or air gaps in the syringe

Step 4.

If there are any small air bubbles, rid of them by pointing the needle upwards and tapping the syringe so that the bubbles move to the top – after which you can release them by pressing the plunger

If you can’t get rid of them, proceed with the injection as injecting tiny bubbles subcutaneously is not harmful.

Step 5.

Now that the syringe is loaded, it’s time to prepare the injection site.

Clean the injection area with an alcohol wipe and let it dry. Pinch the skin and fat with two fingers, and position the needle at a 90 or 45-degree angle. In my experience, a 45-degree angle is less painful.

Step 6.

Once you penetrate the skin, gently introduce the needle and slowly inject the peptide in your subcutaneous fat.

Step 7.

Remove the needle and dispose of it accordingly.

Step 8.

Massage the injection site with an alcohol wipe in a clockwise motion.

Congratulations, you survived.

Nasal Administration

Many people prefer PT 141 nasal spray because they don’t like injections. Administrating PT 141 nasally is very simple. Simply take your PT 141 nasal spray 30 – 45 minutes before sexual intercourse, at 250 mcg (double the dose of subcutaneous injections as it’s less bioavailable when taken nasally). That’s it!


PT 141 can be taken through nasal sprays or subcutaneous injections. Both methods will work the exact same. The only difference is that PT 141 is twice as bioavailable when injected subcutaneously so nasal sprays will require twice the dose to achieve the same effect making it the expensive method.

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