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GKH-Cu: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage Protocol + Calculation

GHK-Cu Benefits, Side effects, Dosing and Reconstitution

What is GHK-Cu?

GHK-Cu is a naturally occurring peptide that can be found in blood plasma, urine, and saliva. It works to improve copper absorption, which is linked to angiogenesis, collagen formation (better hair, beard, skin, and nails), immunity, nervous system function, bone density, and much more.

By increasing copper absorption GHK-Cu effectively delivers all of these benefits. It is also known as the “copper peptide”.

This article is a comprehensive guide on GHK-Cu based on the latest scientific data, as well as the careful analysis of hundreds upon hundreds of anecdotal reports and experiences online. Enjoy.


What makes GHK-Cu unique is how effective it is at improving your looks. No other peptide comes close. Below you’ll find all of the benefits associated with it, but, the most common reason people use it is to improve their skin, grow hair, and heal acne scars.

Healing [1][A]

GHK-Cu has been proven to heal wounds, cuts, and burns by inducing angiogenesis, which is the process of creating new blood vessels. There is a limited amount of anecdotal data on the use of injectable GHK-Cu to heal wounds, but topical creams are known to work rather well.

GHK-Cu has also been shown to have healing effects on joints and ligaments, and it can increase glutathione levels which makes it a potential tool for the treatment of hepatic damage (liver damage).

Some data suggest that one of the mechanisms through which GHK-Cu can heal certain tissues is by modulating gene expression.

Anti - Inflammation [2][A]

GHK-Cu decreases inflammation significantly, both in the skin when applied via creams, and systematically throughout the entire body when injected subcutaneously.

It is being studied as an alternative to corticosteroids for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions – which goes to show just how effective this peptide is.

For context, corticosteroids are effective in treating inflammatory skin conditions but come with some serious side effects. GHK-Cu might offer the same benefits without any side effects.

The research is ongoing, so the article will be updated as more studies come out.

Hair Growth [3][A]

GHK-Cu has been studied for its effects on hair growth, and its effects were comparable to Minoxidil 5%.

Though there isn’t enough anecdotal data to support the claims as a hair growth agent.

It might be a good alternative for those who want to grow a beard or reverse hair loss but would rather not take Minoxidil because of health-related issues, or the side effects associated with it.

Some hair transplant clinics even prescribe it after procedures.

Skin Quality [3][A]

Numerous studies have conducted the effectiveness of GHK-Cu at improving skin quality, as it has been shown to increase Collagen production significantly. Even to a higher extent than some retinols, which are usually prescription-only.

Anecdotal data confirm these findings as there are hundreds of users that have successfully used it for this purpose.

Acne Scars [3][A]

GHK-Cu is very effective at withering acne scars and reducing wrinkles because of the increase in collagen synthesis.

It’s also worth mentioning that it can also protect skin from UV radiation.

Other Benefits [4][A]

These are some of the other positive effects that GHK-Cu provides:

  • GHK-Cu has been shown to promote nerve fibre (Axon) regeneration in vitro studies.
  • GHK-Cu has been found to help prevent metastasis in colon cancer.
  • GHK-Cu may have DNA-repairing properties.
  • CHK-Cu may improve digestive health.
  • GHK-Cu may help relieve Chronic Pulmonary disease symptoms.

Side Effects

There aren’t any scientifically confirmed side effects for GHK-Cu. The below-mentioned side effects are not specific to GHK-Cu but to peptides that cause angiogenesis, and injectables in general.

Risk of Cancer Growth

As said there is no data to indicate that GHK-Cu has cancer-growing properties, but, other peptides like BPC-157 and TB-500 which cause angiogenesis (worth noting to a much larger extent) have the potential to cause existing cancer cell growth.

There is a chance that the same would apply to GHK-Cu but only when injected, due to its systematic effects.

Again there is no scientific data to indicate this to be the case, just my own personal speculation. In any case, if you’re suffering from cancer, don’t take angiogenesis-promoting peptides.

Injection-Related Side Effects

A lot of people don’t know how to inject peptides properly, which often leads to skin irritation, scar tissue-build up and other harmless but annoying side effects.

Dosing Protocols

GHK-Cu can be administered through subcutaneous injections or topical creams. Both methods have their pros and cons which you should consider.

Topical Creams

Topical creams are a simple way of administering GHK-Cu, especially if you’re using it to leverage its benefits locally (in certain areas of your body).

Most companies that carry GHK-CU as a legal cosmetic product sell it as the main ingredient in a serum that also contains other ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. The downside is that they very rarely mention the exact dose of GHK-Cu, so if you get a cream just follow their instructions on how to use it.

Subcutaneous Injection Dosage

If you prefer to inject GHK-Cu and measure your dosages exactly, then follow this protocol:

For treating Injuries:

  • Inject 500mcg a day before bed for a week
  • Then 1mg a day for the rest of your planned usage

There isn’t a set amount of time GHK-Cu should be cycled, but if you are using it for its healing properties my suggestion would be to stop taking it once the injury/wound you were treating has healed.

For cosmetic benefits:

  • Follow the same instructions for treating injuries, but reduce the dose to 250mcg/day after a month of use
  • This will be a maintenance dose you can stay on for months
P.S. Make sure the GHK-Cu you’re getting is legit. These are my recommended sources for the highest quality goods available:

Similar Peptides to GHK-Cu

Some vendors sell a peptide known as PAL-GHK. This peptide is almost identical to GHK-Cu in terms of benefits and side effects, so they can be used interchangeably.

Another similar peptide is AHK-Cu, which has the same benefits as GHK-Cu but has much more scientific data backing its effectiveness at increasing hair growth.

Unfortunately finding reliable anecdotal information about both of these alternatives is incredibly hard, so I would advise sticking with GHK-Cu. If you get AHK-Cu or PAL-GHK, dose them as you would GHK-Cu.

How to Reconstitute GHK-Cu

Before it can be used, GHK-Cu must be reconstituted. The reconstitution should be done with Bacteriostatic water (BAC) or sterile water. Most peptide vendors sell BAC water and that is what I recommend you use.

To do the reconstitution process you will need:

  • GHK-Cu vial
  • Vial of BAC water (can be bought from the vendors I linked to earlier)
  • Syringe and needle (both new and sterile)
  • Alcohol wipes

Step 1.

Remove plastic caps from both vials and the clean rubber stoppers with alcohol wipes.

Step 2.

Extract BAC from one vial and inject it into the other, using anywhere from 1 to 5 ml of BAC water. I personally recommend using 2 ml of BAC water per vial.

The measurements on the syringe will either be in mL or I.U.

2 ml = 200 units

Insert the needle into the BAC vial and turn the whole thing upside down, then pull out the desired amount of liquid while making sure there are no air bubbles.

Step 3.

Once you have filled the syringe with liquid, slowly inject it into the vial while making sure that the water slides down the walls towards the powder and never directly at the powder. Spraying the water directly into the powder may damage it and decrease its effectiveness.

Step 4.

Once the peptide vial is filled with the desired amount of BAC, swirl it gently and let it dissolve. Do not shake it.

Step 5.

The reconstitution is complete. Store your reconstituted GHK-Cu in a fridge and use it within 30 days.


GHK-Cu is a miraculous peptide that can be used to treat a variety of conditions and injuries with great success. It will keep you healthy and side effects free while delivering all it’s promised to do.

It can be used to drastically improve skin whether that be healing scars or improving general skin quality. Grow hair, and potentially reverse hair loss. Treat injuries, both internal and external, and much more in terms of anti-inflammation, digestive health, etc.

It has been used by thousands of users, it is sold commercially in cosmetic creams, and it is being extensively researched. And now you know everything there is to know about it.

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