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BPC 157 & TB 500 for Treating Any Injury | Comprehensive Guide

BPC 157 and TB 500 for healing injuries

BPC 157 and TB 500 are two peptides famous for their ability to treat a wide range of injuries, including tendon or ligament ruptures, partial and (rarely) even complete tears as well as bone fractures, burns, and wounds.

Both BPC 157 and TB 500 naturally occur in humans and animals. They play a variety of roles in the body, ranging from anti-inflammation and healing to gastric health.

Athletes primarily use BPC 157 and TB 500 for their ability to rapidly heal an injury through a process known as “angiogenesis”.

This article is a comprehensive guide on using BPC 157 and TB 500 for treating injuries. It is based on the latest academic data on both compounds, as well as the analysis of thousands of anecdotal reports and experiences online.

Angiogenesis is a biological process that involves the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones. It is essential for wound healing and tissue repair.

Dosage Protocols

BPC 157 and TB 500 don’t need to be cycled. If you are trying to heal something or recover from an injury, you simply use them until you are healed.

You can dose BPC 157 and TB 500 simultaneously or separately. I recommend dosing them separately as they have different half-lives and will need to be injected at different frequencies for optimal results.

But as long as you follow the dosing instructions I’m about to provide it won’t make a difference.

If you didn’t already know this, you can read about it further down this article as I’ve done a detailed breakdown of both compounds.

BPC 157 Protocol

BPC 157 can be injected or taken orally. Some prefer to take it orally for ease of use, but it’s much less effective and you’d have to take large amounts to get decent results.

Injectable administration is preferable for treating injuries. Injecting BPC 157 subcutaneously, close to the injured area is the most effective way to use it as BPC 157 has incredible localized effects but mediocre systemic effects.

The ideal injectable dosage range for BPC 157 is:

  • 250mcg to 500mcg per day

You can inject either once or twice a day. Use BPC 157 as long as needed to heal your injury. There is no need to cycle it.

TB 500 Protocol

The exact half-life of TB 500 is still unclear. We only know that it is considerably longer than BPC 157. So daily injections are not required. Ideally, you should do every other day injections, but every 3 days is also doable.

Unlike BPC 157, TB 500 has incredible systemic effects. Meaning that it doesn’t matter where you inject it.

The ideal dosage range for TB 500 is:

  • 1 to 2mg every other day

If you’re trying to heal something, use TB 500 for as long as necessary. Otherwise, many users get great results (when taking for alternative benefits) from cycling it for up to 8 weeks.

How to Use Them Together

The best way to use BPC 157 and TB 500 together is to simply dose them separately, as they have different half-lives.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t inject them together.

It’s as simple as mixing in TB 500 with your daily BPC 157 injections, but every other day.

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You can also get BAC water from the same vendors (you’ll need it for the reconstitution).

What is BPC 157

BPC 157 is derived from a naturally occurring sequence of amino acids found in gastric juices.

When injected BPC 157 induces angiogenesis locally. It also has properties that greatly aid cognitive, cardiovascular and digestive health.

BPC 157 Benefits

  • Healing of Wounds, Burns, Bruises, Scars, and even Mosquito Bites (proven in pre-clinical studies and confirmed by empirical data)
  • Healing of Bones – effectiveness is comparable to bone marrow graft treatment.
  • Healing of Tendons – pre-clinical studies proved that BPC 157 heals tendons almost completely (even in rats that would have never recovered without it). Empirical data also confirms this with hundreds upon hundreds of reports of users that used BPC 157 to heal injured tendons even after years of pain.
  • Healing of Muscles – pre-clinical studies proved BPC 157 to be effective at healing cut or torn muscles in rats. There are also many anecdotal cases of bodybuilders who used it to speed up recovery after an injury.
  • Neuroprotection – multiple pre-clinical studies proved the effectiveness of BPC 157 at protecting the brain in rats. It can heal nerve damage and significantly reduce the aftermath of brain injuries.
  • Improved Digestive Health – since it’s found in the gut, it makes sense that BPC 157 would improve gut health. Pre-clinical studies have shown BPC 157 to heal ulcers and fistulas while improving gut flora. Empirical evidence has also shown that it effectively treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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BPC 157 Side Effects

  • Cancer Growth – before you freak out and discard BPC 157 completely, let me clarify. BPC 157 induces angiogenesis (healing property), which is the formation of new blood vessels. This trait is phenomenal, but with people that are already suffering from cancer, it can speed up the rate at which it grows.
  • Injection-related side effects – many people don’t know how to inject peptides correctly, which can lead to scar tissue build-up, irritation and other annoying side effects (there’s a section on proper administration further down).

What is TB 500

TB 500 is a synthetic form of a naturally occurring peptide Thysomin Beta-4 (TB4) which can be found in many tissues in both humans and animals. TB4 has many roles, but its main ones are tissue regeneration and anti-inflammation.

TB 500 Benefits

  • Healing of Burns & Wounds – TB4 is proven effective at healing wounds, cuts and burns (even more rapidly than BPC 157) by promoting the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). It’s also effective at preventing scars and fibrosis.
  • Healing of Bones & Ligaments – pre-clinical studies have proven TB 500’s effectiveness at speeding up the healing process of bone fractures and ligament injuries. Anecdotal reports of athletes who have deployed TB 500 to heal such injuries further confirm that these findings apply to humans as well.
  • Neuroprotection – pre-clinical studies show that TB 500 might be effective at attenuating and preventing brain damage after injuries.
  • Fights Hyperglycemia – TB 500 has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Cardioprotective – there is scientific data to support that TB 500 has cardioprotective traits, as it prevents fibrosis and cardiac ischemia.

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TB 500 Side Effects​

  • Cancer Risk – some studies have found increased levels of TB4 in cancer cells, which has led some scientists to believe that it plays a role in cancer development, and others that its part of the body’s response to cancer. What we do know for sure is that TB4 promotes angiogenesis like BPC 157 so it can also lead to growing existing tumours.
  • Injection-Related Side Effects – many people don’t know how to correctly inject peptides which often leads to skin irritation, scar tissue build and other annoying effects.

In pathological conditions such as cancer, angiogenesis is often dysregulated, leading to the formation of abnormal blood vessels that support tumor growth and metastasis. So taking TB 500 if you have cancer is a very bad idea to say the least.

How to Inject TB 500 & BPC 157

TB 500 is very simple to inject, and unlike BPC 157 it can be injected anywhere as it acts systematically and not locally. Subcutaneous belly fat injections are the easiest.

BPC 157 has amazing localized effects, but mediocre systematic effects. So the optimal way to use it is to inject it subcutaneously close to the injured area.

IMPORTANT: BPC 157 and TB 500 come in powdered form. So make sure to also buy a vial of BAC water so you can reconstitute and use them.

To do the injections you will need:

  1. Alcohol wipes
  2. Syringe
  3. Brand new insulin needle or any needle with the following measurements:
    • 28 to 31G
    • 8 to 12 mm in length.

How to do the injections:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Get a (already reconstituted) vial of TB 500 or BPC 157 and clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol wipe
  3. Insert the needle into the vial
  4. Turn the vial + needle upside down and slowly pull the desired amount while making sure no air bubbles or air gaps form
  5. Remove the needle, and get rid of any bubbles by tilting it vertically and pushing them out
  6. Rub the injection site with alcohol wipes
  7. Pinch your skin between your thumb and two fingers (index and middle) and lift it up pulling away from the underlying muscle
  8. Insert the needle at a 90-degree angle, or if you have a very thin layer of fat at a 45-degree angle
  9. Inject your TB 500 and/or BPC 157 slowly (10-30 seconds)
  10. Withdrawal the needle
  11. Congratulations, you made it!


When taken together BPC 157 and TB 500 create a synergy unlike any other, and are capable of healing injured tendons, ligaments, and even bones. 

They have been extensively used and recommended by thousands of professional athletes, bodybuilders, and even everyday people that were lucky enough to stumble upon them.

There are thousands of anecdotal cases online showcasing their potential to heal injuries, which further supports the scientific data we have on them.

Most importantly, they are side effect free (unless you already have cancer). If you are over-concerned, you can opt to skip TB 500 and just do BPC 157. But, in my opinion, you should be alright taking both.

Good luck, and I wish you a speedy recovery! 

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