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How Much Time Between SARM Cycles To Optimally Recover

how long between sarm cycles

“How much time off should I take between SARM cycles?” is one of the most common questions first-time users ask after completing their cycle.

While there are many personal “theories” that people have and preach about this question, the real and most optimal answer is simple and universal for everyone.

Take as much time off as you were on, not accounting for PCT. So if your cycle lasted 8 weeks total, take 8 weeks off before starting your next cycle, regardless of how many weeks your PCT lasts.


8 Week Cycle
Time Off

That’s the short answer. The rest of this article will address the question in more detail, and answer the most common questions users have about recovery between & after cycles. The information in this article is based on the latest academic data, as well as the best practices within the enhanced bodybuilding community. Enjoy

Can You Start Sooner?

By taking a rest period equal in length to your cycle, you ensure that your testosterone levels, HDL and LDL, and a myriad of other markers recover back to baseline.

If you were to start another cycle without having recovered fully, you would accumulate part of the damage of the previous cycle with the damage of the new cycle and would have health complications down the line.

But, to answer your question:

If you get bloodwork done 4 weeks after your cycle and everything is back to baseline, you can start a new cycle without waiting 4 more weeks.

But the reality is that most users do not get bloodwork done frequently and the vast majority of those who do, need more than 4 weeks to recover.

P.S. Even though fake SARMs are not as common as they were, always make sure the SARMs you’re getting are legit by shopping from reputable sources. My recommendations:

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Optimal Cycle Timeline

If you have made the decision to delve into the world of SARMs, RCs, and PEDs, and want to stay awhile without experiencing premature health complications, then you must follow a systemic approach to cycling.

In my opinion, this is the ideal and most optimal way to structure a SARM cycle in terms of monitoring health and optimal recovery:

  1. Pre Cycle Bloodwork
  2. Cycle (8 weeks)
  3. Post Cycle Bloodwork
  4. PCT (if necessary)
  5. Post PCT Bloodwork
  6. Time Off

Can you skip any of these?

You shouldn’t but you presumably will. If you can only get bloodwork done only once per cycle do it before each cycle.

This way you will know if you’ve recovered from your previous one.

If your natural testosterone levels, LH, and FSH are within their reference ranges and you don’t need a PCT after your cycle, then rest 8 weeks before starting another cycle regardless.


Sufficient recovery is an essential part of cycling SARMs & PEDs long term.

With bad rest and impatient cycles not only are you going to mess up your health, but also your potential for growth long term.

Bad and unhealthy cycles will damage your organs more rapidly, and you’ll be able to do fewer cycles in your life before you can call it quits. Optimizing for health is optimizing for muscle growth, there’s no difference.

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