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RAD 140 Dosage Protocols For Cutting, Bulking & Recomp

rad 140 dosing guide

Rad 140 (or Testolone) is one of the most versatile selective androgen receptor modulators available right now. It’s a perfect pick for intermediate and beginner users (at low doses) whether their goal is to gain muscle on a bulk or retain (and gain) muscle on a cut.

In an average dose 8-week rad 140 only bulking cycle, one can expect gains of up to 8-10lbs of lean muscle mass. And on a cutting cycle, rad 140 can effectively retain or even gain 3-4 lbs – given that the other training variables are in place.

Though most users run rad 140 without issues, there are hundreds of cases showcasing bad use and bad dosing. So in this article, you will learn how to properly dose and take rad 140 according to your goals and expectations!

How Much Rad-140 to Take

Rad 140 is considered a moderately strong compound. Very often compared to lgd 4033, and even theorized to be as strong as testosterone (but yet to be proven or demonstrated).

As a moderately strong compound, you can expect rad 140 to cause testosterone suppression. So before I break down the dosage chart, keep in mind that the higher the dose the harsher the suppression. 

Before starting a rad 140 cycle always have a PCT protocol ready to deploy even if you’re confident in your ability to recover your test levels naturally. 

Rad 140 should be dosed from:

10mg/day to 20mg/day

For beginner users always keep your first cycle at 10mg/day for the sake of safety and longevity – which should always be prioritized no matter what your goals are short-term.

For intermediate and advanced users starting off with 10mg or 15mg per day and increasing the dose week by week, or after week 4, is a common way of taking rad 140.

You will find cycle templates near the end of this article.

Taking more than 20mg/day is not recommended. Though 30mg/day is not uncommon, many users report that they didn’t gain as much muslce mass compared to 20mg. In other words, doing more than 20mg/day will be counterproductive and you will only experience diminishing returns but with all the side effects. 

Cycle Length

The ideal cycle length for rad 140 is 8 weeks. You should not extend your cycles past the 8-week mark because myostatin levels in your system build up and you get diminishing returns while experiencing the same side effects

Doses for Cutting vs Bulking

As said rad 140 is one of the most versatile SARMs out there. On one hand, rad 140 yields incredible strength and lean muscle mass gains making it perfect for bulking, while on the other it’s a dry compound (meaning it doesn’t retain water) making it a perfect pick for cutting.

But whether you’re cutting and bulking with rad 140, how you take it can play a huge role.

Yes, an average 10mg/day 8-week cycle will work great for both uses, but more advanced users can play around with the variables to further maximize their results.

For bulking rad 140 should never be taken for more than 8 weeks. As mentioned previously, due to the increase in myostatin, you will simply experience diminishing returns in terms of gaining muscle and strength. As far as the dose goes, it’s completely dependent on how much muscle you want to gain. Though first time users should never experiment with high doses. 

For cutting, a rad 140 cycle can be dragged out to even 10 weeks. Since your primary goal is not to gain muscle, but to retain it, the increase in myostatin will not significantly impact your progress. As far as dosing goes, rad 140 is proven to be extremely efficient at retaining muscle even at low doses. So going any more than 10-15mg/day during a cut is simply unnecessary.

When to take Rad 140

Rad 140 should be taken once a day in the morning, at the same time every day. If you’re taking 20mg/day then split and space out your doses 12 hours apart. 10mg in the morning and 10mg at night.

Doing this will prevent any hormonal ups and downs, and give you more consistent androgen stimulation and anabolic activity.


The half life of rad 140 is proven to be 60 hours according to a clinical study done by the American Association for Cancer Research. You can read the study here.

And while many other sources claim it to be 16, 20 or 24 hours, there is simply no evidence supporting that to be the case.

IMPORTANT: take rad 140 every single day once you start your cycle no matter if it’s a rest day or a training day. 

How to Take Rad 140?

For rad 140 pills, drink one or two depending on the dose, with a full glass of water.

For liquid rad 140, simply fill out your dropper or syringe with as much liquid as you’ve decided for your dose (10mg or 20mg per 1 ml is most common), and empty it directly onto the back of your throat.

Many of the SARMs brands out there don’t sell their liquids with added taste, so you might want to have a drink nearby to clear the strong taste of the liquid rad 140.

A lot of users also report stomach aches and nausea when taking rad 140 on an empty stomach, so if you do experience that, take it alongside a meal. The food will slow down absorption, making it a lot easier on your stomach.

How Long Does Rad 140 Take to Kick in?

You will feel the effects of rad 140 kicks in the first 3 weeks of your cycle. Exactly when is very subjective and user dependant when you take into consideration dosage, sourcing, diet and training variables, as well as personal response. But to be general you should feel it kicking in within the first 3 weeks

Some users report they feel it just days after their first dose, others report that they don’t feel it until the middle of their cycle.

Cycle Template

Beginner bulking/cutting cycle (SARM+SERM PCT)

– If you’re still unsure how to correctly do a rad 140 cycle and PCT afterwards, you can read my PCT for sarms guide and comprehensive rad 140 breakdown.
























For intermediate users, you can start at 15mg/day and scale it up to 17.5mg or 20mg after fourth week of your cycle. The PCT the PCT protocol remains the same. The only change you could make is to take Enclomiphene instead of Tamoxifen. Either during your cycle (SARM + SERM) or after the last day of your cycle, at 12.5mg/day for the first 3 weeks, and 6.25mg/day for the last week. 

Wrapping Up

 Rad 140 is an amazing SARM for building lean muscle mass on a bulk, and retaining it on a cut. How you dose rad 140 can have a huge impact on your cycle, and your results. More is not always better, especially if you’re using rad 140 for cutting, or if you’re a first time user. So it’s crucial to be mindful of your goals and expectations going in to a cycle.

By now you should have all the knowledge you need around dosing rad 140 accordingly, taking it at the right times and frequency, and with the right expectations. 

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