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LGD 3303 vs LGD 4033 – Differences in Properties and Usage

lgd 3303 vs 4033

Both LGD 4033, which is also known as Ligandrol, and LGD 3303 (not 3033) are SARMs developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals for the purpose of treating muscle wasting conditions and osteoporosis.

While they share a similar name, these two SARMs are fundamentally very different regarding their properties.

This article will explore their fundamental differences, with the purpose of giving you a clear picture of choosing between the two. It is a comprehensive comparison based on the latest scientific data, as well as the careful analysis of thousands of anecdotal reports and experiences online. Enjoy.

P.S. For those just wondering which one is stronger in terms of muscle building: LGD 3303 is by far much stronger than LGD 4033, and currently stands as the strongest SARM in terms of muscle-building potential out there.


Something important to note when comparing these SARMs is that LGD 4033 is more thoroughly researched and has many clinical trials backing its efficacy, while LGD 3303 has no clinical trials to date.

Most of what we know about LGD 3303 is based on anecdotal reports and experiences, which have been very promising so far, and I don’t say that lightly. Still, I thought this would be worth mentioning.

Anyways, I’ve broken the comparison into sections. A section for each property that these SARMs possess, and the extent of that given property for both. I’ve also included progress bars for this purpose, but only where measurable (take them with a grain of salt).

Muscle Building

LGD 4033 is most users go to bulking SARM. This is attributed to the fast weight gain it causes due to the water retention but also its profound muscle-building properties.

LGD 3303 is much stronger in terms of building muscle. It’s often looked at as the stronger and dryer counterpart of LGD 4033. According to anecdotal reports, LGD 3303 is the strongest, and best SARM for building lean muscle mass.

LGD 3303: Muscle Mass Increase
LGD 4033: Muscle Mass Increase

Strength & Performance

When it comes to strength, LGD 3303 has no equal in the realm of SARMs, and it will make you gain much more strength than LGD 4033. In fact, many users compare the strength gain they get from LGD 3303 to that of steroids rather than other SARMs.

LGD 3303: Strength Increase
LGD 4033: Strength Increase

Bones & Joints

LGD 4033 is proven to increase the density and strength of your bones in multiple clinical trials. The added water retention it causes also lubricates your joints and decreases the risk of injury.

LGD 3303 will also increase the strength and density of your bones, but as it doesn’t retain any water so it will not protect your joints like LGD 4033.

Fortunately, unlike other dry SARMs like S23, RAD 140, and even YK11, LGD 3303 will not have a negative impact on your joints.


Both LGD 3303 and 4033 will speed up your recovery times, and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, allowing you to train the same muscles sooner. Considering the strength of both SARMs, LGD 3303 is a clear winner.

Cosmetic Impact

As a “wet” compound LGD 4033 will make you blow up in size incredibly fast, but, you will also lose any vascularity and hardness in the process. It will fill out you out literally overnight, and you will appear a lot bigger than you actually are.

LGD 3303 on the other hand will fill you out, while keeping you dry. This will result in a very hard and grainy look. Some argue that LGD 3303 provides the best of both worlds. The size increases a wet compound gives paired with the hardness and vascularity of a dry compound.

Side Effects:

When it comes to side effects LGD 3303 and LGD 4033 go in a similar trajectory as they did with benefits. Though LGD 3303 is harsher on the organs than LGD 4033, it’s much milder than other SARMs of the same caliber, namely YK11 and S23.

LGD 3303: Side Effects
LGD 4033: Side Effects

Testosterone Suppression

Both LGD 3303 and 4033 will suppress your natural testosterone production.

The extent of the suppression varies, and from what we know so far LGD 3303 has been shown to be considerably more suppressive than LGD 4033, and even has the potential to cause a complete endogenous testosterone production shutdown. Therefore a test base and a proper 4-week PCT with it are advised.

With LGD 4033 the suppression is much more manageable, and while rare, at low doses, some people can even get away without doing a PCT. Otherwise, a 4-week of PCT is typically necessary.

LGD 3303: Testosterone Suppression
LGD 4033: Testosterone Suppression

SHBG Suppression

Both LGD 3303 and LGD 4033 suppress Sex-Hormone-Binding-Globulin (SHBG). This suppression leads to an increase in free testosterone during the first few weeks of a cycle, which usually results in improved libido, motivation, and overall well-being.

These effects wear off as the suppression of total testosterone kicks in. Though they can last for the entirety of the cycle only if a testosterone base is employed.


Both LGD 3303 and LGD 4033 will cause dyslipidemia.

Your HDL (good cholesterol) will go down, and LDL (bad cholesterol) will go up. This side effect is present with both SARMs but more prominent with LGD 3303.

Liver Toxicity

LGD 3303 and LGD 4033 will increase liver enzymes noticeably. Both are known to be milder than other compounds of their categories, LGD 3303 is milder than anabolic steroids with similar potency, while LGD 4033 is typically milder than other SARMs and anabolics.


The LGD flu is a side effect exclusive to LGD 4033 and it will not happen on LGD 3303.

The LGD flu is the onset of symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection that lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 days. It affects most users that run LGD 4033, though not all.

It is considered harmless, and goes away by itself.

How to Use Each One

Both SARMs are to be used exclusively in bulking cycles. Some users think that they can use LGD 3303 on a cut, but, it makes no sense to waste its muscle-building potential on a deficit.

LGD 4033 is suited for beginner/intermediate users, while LGD 3303 is suited for advanced and experienced users. Both should be run for no more than 8 weeks at a time.

LGD 4033 is much easier to cycle, as you can test out the waters at low and medium doses without experiencing debilitating side effects like complete testosterone shutdown. The side effects are milder and much easier to control.

LGD 3303 is harder to cycle as you will (it’s advised to) do a test base with a SERM like Enclomiphene, 4-Andro or DHEA, or testosterone injections. It will also always require a full 4-week PCT with two SERMs (instead of one) at high doses.


The clear winner in terms of potency is LGD 3303. It is much stronger than LGD 4033 in every aspect – benefits, and side effects. Besides that, the core differences are the lack of water retention in LGD 4033 and the LGD flu in LGD 4033.

Both SARMs are to be used exclusively in bulking cycles. With LGD 3303 one will need to run a test base as well as a full 4-week PCT with two SERMs. With LGD 4033 some can get away without a PCT on low doses, but at higher doses a 4-week PCT with one SERM is unavoidable.

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