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RAD 140 While on TRT – Everything You Need to Know

RAD 140 & TRT Everything You Need To Know

RAD 140 is one of the most popular SARMs because of its versatile properties in terms of building lean muscle tissue and strength while having seemingly manageable side effects. One of the signature side effects of SARMs and RAD 140 is the suppression of natural testosterone levels, FH & FSH. 

On TRT you will have better results on RAD 140 compared to someone not on TRT. Your test levels will not drop but rise as RAD 140 will reduce your SHBG. You will not need PCT as you get your testosterone through injections and not endogenously.

This change in your hormone levels can have a few major benefits and a few side effects that otherwise wouldn’t happen with other users.

The rest of this article will break these down and teach you what you can do to mitigate the side effects and best leverage the benefits – based on the currently available scientific literature and analysis of thousands of anecdotal reports and experiences.

Lower SHBG on TRT - Benefits, Side Effects

All SARMs will decrease your SHBG to different extents. RAD 140 is no exception. SHBG stands for Sex Hormone Binding Globulin – its purpose is to transport testosterone and estradiol throughout your body and regulate their access to target tissues.

In other words, SHBG binds testosterone making it unusable for your body and its tissues. The lower your SHBG the higher your free testosterone and vice versa.

RAD 140 will significantly decrease your SHBG, which will lead to an increase in free testosterone. Usually, this effect only lasts for a few weeks, until the suppression your total testosterone and offsets this effect. But in the case of users that are on TRT, this does not happen and the free testosterone stays elevated throughout the RAD 140 cycle.

Below are the possible benefits and side effects of lower SHBG on TRT due to RAD 140, keep in mind – the higher your TRT dose, the more these effects will be likely to happen, and to a higher extent if and when they do.


The increase in free testosterone for the duration of your RAD 140 cycle will result in:

  • increased motivation
  • increased libido
  • better erections
  • more energy

These effects will last for the whole duration of the cycle. The higher your TRT and RAD 140 dosages are, the more these effects will be prominent.

Side Effects

The free testosterone can also lead to a few troublesome side effects, especially in men prone to them:

  • Acne – hormonal fluctuations can lead to acne outbreaks in men prone to it. If your TRT dose is not crazy high, and you are not prone to acne, you will probably not experience it.
  • Hair shedding – hair shedding is a known side effect of RAD 140, but, can also happen as a result of increased free testosterone on a separate note (more free t = more DHT reduction = more hair loss). If you are not prone to hair loss, you will probably not experience this side effect.
  • Gynecomastia – anything that causes a big disbalance between your testosterone and estrogen can cause gyno. If you have had gyno in the past, during puberty, you are at risk of developing it if you take RAD 140 and are on a higher dose of TRT.

There are ways and protocols that you can deploy to prevent these side effects, which you can see in my guide on preventing side effects from SARMs.

Do You Need PCT?

The purpose of a PCT is to jumpstart your natural testosterone production after a suppressive AAS or SARM cycle.

RAD 140 typically requires a 4-week PCT with one SERM, but, in the case of TRT users, a PCT will not be required as they get their testosterone from injections rather than producing it naturally.

This is one of the major perks of taking SARMs while on TRT. You will have mostly stable testosterone and E2 levels throughout the cycle, and will not need to take any other drugs post-cycle. 


SARMs and TRT are a godly combination if you look at the benefits to side effects relation. You will get all of the benefits of RAD 140 without the most hated side effect among non-TRT users – testosterone suppression.

Not only this but RAD 140 will enhance your TRT by lowering your SHBG and leaving more testosterone unbound and available for your body to use.


Fake SARMs can lead to unwanted side effects, so always make sure the RAD 140 you’re getting is legit. On the trusted sources page you will find the most tried & tested, well-known vendors where you can buy the highest quality RAD 140 available.

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