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The Non-Masculinizing RAD 140 Guide for Women & Girls

RAD 140 for women a comprehensive guide

Most of the information concerning the safe usage of RAD 140 is aimed at men, and because if these many women have no choice but to follow the same protocols and end up with sub-optimal cycles and easily unnecessary side effects.

Women that are interested in female bodybuilding have one major concern when it comes to PEDs – masculinization.

RAD 140 is one of the most effective, and safe PEDs that women can take to achieve worthwhile results in terms of muscle, and especially strength without suffering undesirable masculinizing side effects.

What is RAD 140?

RAD 140 is one of the most widely used and popular SARMs in recent years. It was originally made to treat breast cancer and muscle-wasting conditions.

The reason why RAD 140 is so popular as a PED is because of its ability to pack on serious amounts of muscle, and more notably strength, paired with versatility and seemingly manageable side effects.


RAD 140 is one of the most powerful SARMs a woman can take without suffering masculinization. It is like Ostarine in many regards, but much much stronger.

Muscle Mass

On RAD 140 you will gain a significant amount of lean muscle tissue in a short period of time while staying free from any water retention. The gains you make on RAD 140 will be pure muscle, though you will not gain as much total mass as on something like LGD 4033.

This lack of water retention makes RAD 140 a very dynamic PED that can be used for lean bulking or cutting cycles.

Strength & Performance

RAD 140 is very well known for its strength-enhancing benefits. During your RAD 140 cycle, you can expect a very significant increase in strength.

Users also often report an increase in stamina which translates into better overall performance.

Fat Loss

RAD 140 will not help you lose fat (contrary to common belief). It will however make you look a lot leaner and tighter than you actually are.

On a caloric deficit, it is exceptionally effective at preserving and even increasing muscle mass.

Bones & Joints

RAD 140 like all SARMs will strengthen and densify your bones, though it will not have a positive impact on your joints and tendons like Ostarine.


RAD 140 will speed up your recovery times and help with muscle soreness. You will be able to hit the gym sooner than you otherwise would if you were natural or if you were taking weaker SARMs.


RAD 140 is one of the best SARMs for improving how you look during your cycle. It will make you much more vascular, and give you a dry and hard look.

Other Benefits

RAD 140 is proven to be effective at fighting breast cancer (in humans) and protecting the brain in rats (so it could potentially do the same in humans too).

Many users have reported cognitive benefits, with some claiming that RAD 140 reduced their brain fog and improved their concentration.

Side Effects

RAD 140 will cause more side effects than Ostarine, to a similar extent as the increase in benefits. Fortunately, the side effects are easily manageable.

The major thing worth noting is that it will not cause masculinization – the biggest concern women have when it comes to PED use. You do not have to worry about getting a deeper voice, facial hair, or clitoral enlargement on RAD 140.

You will mainly face:


RAD 140 will cause a significant decrease in your HDL and an increase in your LDL – dyslipidemia.

Good cholesterol – HDL

Bad cholesterol – LDL

Since this side effect does not manifest in the way you feel day to day, you will have to do bloodwork and get these markers tested if you want to know the true extent of RAD 140 on your lipid panel.

Liver Toxicity

RAD 140 was shown to increase liver enzymes in a clinical study, though there are anecdotal reports going in both directions.

Some people get increased liver enzymes, while others don’t. Either way, you should expect an increase in liver enzymes and the science is clearly there.

Changes in Menstrual Cycle

One side effect that women very often report is a change in their menstrual cycles during their RAD 140 cycle. In some cases, menstruation happens later than it should, while in others sooner than it should. This side effect always goes away after the cycle.


The ideal RAD 140 dose for females is 5 – 7.5 mg/day. It is also possible to run 10 mg/day without experiencing masculinization, but 5 mg is more than enough to get amazing results.

Since RAD 140 has a long half-life, you can dose it once a day – preferably at the same time every day.

Anything over 10 mg/day is overboard and might cause unwanted side effects. Some women have reported a slightly enlarged clitoris and hair shedding in the 10, 15, and 20 mg/day range.


RAD 140 is one of the best PEDs women can safely take if they want to get their hands dirty. It’s extremely effective at building muscle and increasing strength, relatively safe, and poses no risk of masculinization (if you stick to my guidelines and keep the doses low).

The only side effects you might run into are dyslipidemia, possibly liver toxicity, and possibly a change in your menstrual cycle.


Fake SARMs are very common and can lead to serious side effects including mascilinizaction. Always make sure the RAD 140 you’re getting is legit by shopping from well-known and trusted vendors.

On the trusted sources page you will find the most tried & tested vendors, with up to date 3rd party lab testing (proving quality and purity),  where you can buy the highest quality RAD 140 available (+ discounts of 20% off).

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