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How To Reconstitute PT-141 In Bacteriostatic Or Sterile Water

PT-141 Reconstitution in bacteriostatic & sterile water

PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a miraculous peptide and synthetic analogue of the naturally occurring peptide hormone a-MSH.

PT-141 is a compound with all the sexual enhancement properties of Melatonan II, but without the increase in melanogenesis. It’s approved by the FDA for the treatment of low sexual desire in women but is also used by men to improve erectile function.

PT-141 can be taken:

  • nasally
  • subcutaneously

The best way to take it is subcutaneous as it’s much more bioavailable so you have to take less of it to achieve the same effect.


PT-141 can be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water (BAC) or sterile water. The reconstitution process is the same for both. My recommendation is to use bacteriostatic water as that’s what most peptide vendors sell.

To do the reconstitution of PT-141 you will need:

Step 1.

Remove plastic caps from both vials and disinfect the rubber stoppers with alcohol wipes. Then you can extract the water from its vial and inject it into the PT-141.

Step 2.

Use anywhere from 1 to 5ml of bacteriostatic water per vial of PT-141. 2ml is ideal considering the size of the vials (most vendors sell 10mg PT 141 vials).

Keep in mind that the amount of bacteriostatic water you use to reconstitute will dictate how much liquid you will need to inject to get your desired dose of PT 141.

For example:

  • 10mg (10000mcg) reconstituted in 2 ml of water will result in a (5000mcg) 5mg / ml solution.
  • To draw out 125 mcg out of 5000 mcg/ml solution, you will need 2.5 UI or 0.025ml

  • 10 mg reconstituted in 4 ml of water will result in a (2500MCG) 2.5 mg / ml solution
  • To draw out 125 mcg out of a 2500 mcg/ml solution, you will need 5 UI or 0.05ml

Step 3.

Depending on the measurements on your syringe, you might need to transfer 1ml at a time if you decide to use more than 1ml for the reconstitution. Typically syringes are either in:

  • ML
  • UI

10 UI = 0.1 ML

2ML = 200 units

Step 4.

Insert the syringe into the bacteriostatic water vial and extract your desired amount (1ml or more). Once the syringe is fully loaded make sure you clear any bubbles.

Step 5.

Insert the syringe filled with bacteriostatic water into the PT-141 vial with the needle aimed towards the side of the vial.

Don’t shoot the bacteriostatic water directly at the PT 141 powder as you risk damaging it!!!

Step 6.

Repeat this process if your syringe cannot hold the desired amount of bacteriostatic water.

Step 7.

Once the bacteriostatic water is in the PT-141 vial, slowly swirl it around until the powder fully dissolves. Never shake.

Step 8.

PT-141 has to be refrigerated or else it will spoil, so store it in your fridge as soon as you reconstitute it.


Do not use the same needle and syringe that you used for the reconstitution of your first injection.


PT-141 is to be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water or sterile water just like any other peptide. The reconstitution of all peptides is the exact same.

Depending on where you buy your PT-141 it may or may not dissolve fully, so if there’s still powder after your reconstitution then that indicates low-quality PT-141.

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