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Highest Reviewed MK-677 Sources 2023 [Reddit & Forums]

highest quality & best reviewed MK 677 sources of 2022

Bunk, underdosed, and even completely fake MK677 is not that uncommon with so many new vendors entering the market since the popularity of SARMs and research chemicals has exploded.

Counterfitted MK677 has caused many users to experience little to no benefits, as well as many unwanted side effects.

This has been shown through many anecdotal reports of users claiming that they got ludicrous side effects like balding, acne, erectile dysfunction, and even gyno – which are extremely unlikely and many even impossible from real MK677.

This article will list the highest-quality MK677 sources based on 3 things:
  • Readily Available 3rd party lab testing
  • Positive Track Record In the SARMs Community
  • Excellent Customer Service & Support
If you want to skip the reviews and get the highest quality and purest MK677 without the chit-chat, these are the only companies (as of October 2022) that meet the criteria mentioned above:

1. SwissChems MK677 - US

SwissChems is very widely known and most people’s go-to source for SARMs, SERMs and research chemicals.

They are based in the United States (despite the Swiss part of their name) and their products ship internationally.

Their MK677 has been widely tried & tested by hundreds of satisfied users and is proven to be pure and high quality by their independent and readily available HPTLC lab tests.

The only downside with SwissChems is the hefty price tags compared to some other vendors – though you always get what you pay for.

Their Capsuled MK677 will cost you $69.95 for 600mg.

2. CamoChem - EU

the camochem logo

CamoChem is a UK-based vendor and the go-to source for most European users that want to get high-quality SARMs, Research Chemicals, Peptides, and SERMs with fast and secure shipping.

Just like the other vendors they have readily available 3rd party lab tests to prove the purity and quality of their products. which they update on a monthly basis (you can ]view every lab test they’ve ever done on any given product).

Their liquid MK677 will cost you £62.5 for 750mg (£50 after discount with code: “POP20”).

3. AminoAsylum MK677 - US

animo asulym logo

AminoAsylum is another widely known US vendor for SARMs, Peptides, SERMs, research chemicals, and other PEDs.

On each product page, you will find an up-to-date third-party lab test. When it comes to ensuring purity AminoAsylum is ranked #1 as they do lab tests on a bi-weekly timeframe to ensure every batch they put out is of the highest quality.

Their products are very fairly priced compared to some of the other sources.

Their liquid MK677 will cost you $54.99 for 750mg ($44.99 after discount with code: “PATHOFPEDS”).

4. PureRawz - US

pure rawz logo

PureRawz is a US-based vendor and most users choice for exotic products which are usually unavailable elsewhere.

When it comes to the basics, they hold their own as one of the most trusted and solidified vendors in the industry. They have readily available 1st and 3rd party lab tests on all of their products to prove their purity.

Their MK677 comes in every form:

  • Liquid
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Powder
  • Injectable

They have different dosing packages for every form, and all are very decently priced. They also have a point system which is neat for users that want to go all.

20% off with code: “PATHOFPEDS”

5. SpectreLabs - US

SpectreLabs is an OG US vendor for SARMs, Reserach Chemicals, and Peptides. They’ve been around from the very start, and many users swear by their products.

Their MK677 is 98.6% pure according to their 3rd party lab tests. SpectreLabs is not as well known as some of the other vendors on this list as they focus their marketing on athletes from a variety of sports rather than the average gym bro (which is the main consumer of SARMs and research chemicals).

Their MK677 capsules will cost you $95.99 for 1350mg (code “PATHOFPEDS” for 10% off).


Always buy MK677 from well-known, and trusted sources so that you get the highest quality and purest goods available.

Nowadays there are too many new companies coming up, and many of them are in it to make a quick buck and get out. Risking tainted and underdosed products for a slightly cheaper price could cost you more than double in the long run.

The companies on this list are the oldest, most popular, and most widely tried & tested. They have been around for long enough to prove the quality of their products, not only through third-party lab tests but also through hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews in the community.

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