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AOD 9604: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosing | Comprehensive Guide

AOD 9604 Comprehensive guide

What is AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 is known as an incredibly effective and safe peptide, widely used among pro athletes, bodybuilders, and even everyday bodybuilding enthusiasts that were lucky enough to stumble upon it.

It is a peptide derived from HGH (human growth hormone) and its amino acid chain. Namely, the portion of the HGH amino chain that is responsible for the breakdown of fats through a metabolic process called lipolysis. AOD 9604 is an isolated fragment of that amino acid chain that spans from the 177 to 191st amino acid and has the addition of Tyrosine.

By separating the fragment of the HGH chain solely responsible for fat loss we get AOD 9604 – a peptide with all of the fat loss benefits of HGH but without the other properties.

This article is a comprehensive guide on AOD 9604 based on the latest scientific literature, and the mass analysis of thousands of anecdotal reports and experiences online.

You may have also heard of a similar peptide called Frag 176-191. It is often mislabelled as AOD 9604 – and vice versa. They are almost identical, so everything that applies to one also applies to the other. Throughout this article, I will be quoting studies from both compounds due to their similarity.


Many users claim that AOD 9604 increased their IGF-1 levels, improved their sleep, and appetite, and lowered their cholesterol.

The data on AOD 9604 is clear, and it has only 1 scientifically proven property and that is fat loss. This leads me to conclude that the users making these claims were sold something different.

Fat Loss [1][A]

When AOD 9604 binds to receptors on the surface of adipose cells, it activates a series of enzymatic reactions that lead to the breakdown of stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. These free fatty acids and glycerol are then released into the bloodstream and can be used as a source of energy by the body’s cells, resulting in fat loss.

In simpler terms, AOD 9604 causes fat loss by inducing the process of lipolysis, which breaks down stored fat into usable energy substrates.

Lipolysis is the natural process by which the body breaks down stored fat to use as a source of energy. It is induced by factors such as:

  • hormones: GH, norepinephrine, cortisol, and more
  • exercise
  • a caloric deficit

And it also occurs while fasting. During lipolysis, stored fat is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol, which can then be used by the body’s cells as a source of energy.

Unfortunately, if you go to bodybuilding groups/forums online, you’ll find that people either love or hate this peptide (along with Frag 176-191).

Most don’t know to use it correctly, while others just got sold fake or underdosed AOD 9604. The users that did get quality AOD 9604 and followed an effective protocol, were blown away by how effective it is.

Side Effects [2][A]

AOD 9604 is, as close as you can get to a side-effect-free PED.

The only side effect it causes is a mild increase in blood glucose. This increase doesn’t cause long-term insulin resistance problems and was proven to be safe in a study – refer to references at the bottom of the article.

Injection Related Side Effects [A]

Many people don’t inject peptides properly including AOD 9604e. This can lead to scar tissue build up and other annoying (but inconsequential) side effects.

P.S. Make sure the AOD 9604 you’re getting is legit. These are my recommended sources for the highest-quality powder available:

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Dosage Protocol

There is a rigorous dosage schedule that must be followed in order to get results with AOD 9604. 

You either get it right and get incredible results or you get it wrong and receive 0 benefits, unlike most PEDs where you might miss something and still get good results. This is a widely tested & proven protocol that has worked for both myself, clients, and hundreds of other users online.

It is not the only protocol out there, though it is the approach most experienced users tend to take:

  • Dosage: 500mcg/day
  • Inject 250 mcg on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, followed by a 4 hours fast
  • Inject 250mcg before bed on an empty stomach, with your last meal being 3 – 4 hours prior. So if you had dinner at 7 or 8 pm, inject at 11 pm or midnight.
  • For every 2o days on, take 10 days off – then rinse and repeat as needed

Pro tip: do some cardio during the morning fast to burn more calories.

How to Inject

AOD 9604 is administered through subcutaneous injections. It has systematic effects, so it will work regardless of where you inject it, but the best and most painless place to do the injection is in your lower belly fat area.

A subcutaneous injection is a method of administration into the layer of fat just beneath the skin using a small, thin needle. The needle should not touch any muscle.

Use a new insulin needle or any needle with the following specifications:

  • 28 to 31G
  • 8 to 12 mm in length

Note: AOD 9604 is sold in powdered form, and before it can be injected, it must be reconstituted in bacteriostatic (BAC) water. Get BAC here:

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Once you have a reconstituted vial of AOD 9604, follow these instructions for the injection:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Clean the rubber stopper on the vial with alcohol (70-80%) or alcohol wipes
  3. Insert the needle into the vial carefully
  4. Turn the vial with the needle upside down and slowly pull the desired dose (use this free peptide dosage calculator to calculate the dose)
  5. Make sure no major air bubbles or air gaps form while withdrawing the liquid
  6. Remove the needle from the vial, if there are still air bubbles left, point it upwards and push them out
  7. Disinfect the injection site with alcohol, or an alcohol wipe
  8. Pinch just the skin with your thumb, index, and pointer fingers and lift it up
  9. Insert the needle in the fold of skin you are pinching at a 90-degree angle (or 45-degree angle if you’re very lean)
  10. Slowly inject the AOD 9604
  11. Remove the needle and dispose of it accordingly
  12. Disinfect and massage the area with an alcohol wipe for a few minutes
  13. Congrats, you made it!


AOD 9604 is an incredible peptide that has changed the game of cutting and weight loss for many athletes and bodybuilders.

It will keep you healthy and free of side effects while delivering incredible fat-loss benefits like nothing else out there.

The only catch is that you have to be very disciplined and methodical with the dosing protocol and your diet. Otherwise, it simply won’t work. But now that you read this article, you don’t have to worry as you’re aware of these things.

Most people that made this mistake made it not because of a lack of discipline, but a lack of knowledge.

Hope you found this article useful.

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