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How to Properly Reconstitute AOD 9604 + Dose Measurement

aod 9604 reconstitution

AOD 9604 is one of the most effective, widely used, and safe peptides for burning fat. It’s made up of a series of amino acids derived from the HGH amino chain – specifically the section responsible for inducing lipolysis (177 to 191st amino acid + Tyrosine).

AOD 9604 is administered via subcutaneous injections at a dose of 500mcg/day. It is sold as a powder, and, to be injected it first must be reconstituted.

Many people don’t know how to properly reconstitute their AOD 9604, which often leads to a damaged and less effective final product.

In this article, you will learn how to properly reconstitute, store, and dose your AOD 9604 in a step-by-step manner.


AOD 9604 can either be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water (BAC) or sterile water. I recommend using bacteriostatic water since that’s what the peptide vendors sell and recommend. The process of reconstitution is the same regardless of what kind of water you chose to reconstitute your AOD with.

To do the reconstitution you will need:

Step 1.

Remove the plastic caps from both vials, and disinfect the rubber tops with an alcohol wipe. After that, you can begin to extract the water from one vial and inject it into the AOD 9604 vial.

Step 2.

Use 1 – 5ml of bacteriostatic water per vial of AOD 9604. I’ve found 2ml to be ideal considering the size of the vials.

The amount of water you decide to reconstitute your AOD 9604 with will dictate how much liquid it will take to get your desired dose of AOD. So pay attention and write it down if need be.


  • 5mg of AOD reconstituted in 2ml will result in a 2500mcg/ml solution
  • To inject 250mcg of AOD 9604 you will need to inject 0.2ml or 20 UI
  • AOD 9604 is taken at 500mcg a day, twice – in case you were wondering why I stated 250mcg instead of 500mcg

10UI = 0.1ml

100UI = 1ml

Step 3.

Insert the needle in the bacteriostatic water and extract the desired amount of liquid. Once the syringe is full, clear any bubbles by pointing it towards the ceiling and lightly tapping it so that the bubbles go towards the needle.

Then lightly push them out.

Step 4.

After you’ve filled your syringe with BAC water, insert the needle into the peptide vial making sure you aim it towards either side of the vial.

Slowly inject the BAC water down the wall of the vial and into the powder.

Shooting the liquid directly at the AOD 9604 powder might damage it and decrease its effectiveness.

Step 5.

Depending on the size of your syringe you might need to transfer 1ml at a time if you decide to use my recommended amount of 2ml per reconstitution.

So repeat this process multiple times if necessary.

Step 6.

Once the BAC is in the AOD 9604 vial, gently swirl it around in a clockwise motion until the powder and water mix completely.

Never shake.

Step 7.

Refrigerate your freshly reconstituted AOD 9604 and use it within 30 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use a different needle and syringe than the one you used for the reconstitution to perform your first injection.


AOD 9604 should be reconstituted in either bacteriostatic (BAC) water or sterile water. The reconstitution process is the exact same regardless of what kind of water you use.

Depending on the quality, and where you get your AOD 9604 it may or may not dissolve fully. If there’s any powder left after completing the reconstitution, then your AOD is not high quality.

You can buy the highest quality AOD 9604 along with bacteriostatic water from any of the recommended vendors on the trusted sources page – all are widely known, have readily available 3rd party lab tests to prove the purity of their AOD, and have a positive track record in the community.

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